Custom Lift Station

Custom Lift Stations

APPS custom lift stations are a fully constructed lift station using filament wound fiberglass basins made in the USA and offered many different configuration and options, to include: explosion-proof pumps 100hp+ to meet Class 1 Division 1 Groups C & D, Traffic rated covers, basins to 10’ diameter and as deep as 35’+, multiple pipe connection joints to choose from including a simple push-in style or mechanical bolt & clamp style, remote valve vaults, non-sparking guide claws, stainless steel fasteners, high impact float switches, stainless steel float switch brackets, ball check valves, AWWA resilient wedge gate valve, entry ladders, and more.    

Our submittal packet will come with a specification summary sheet detailing all components and buoyancy calculations, so you know how exactly what your system is comprised of. The submittal pack will also have catalog and specification sheets on individual components. 

All our control panels that may accompany your lift station are made in the USA, is UL Listed, and meet explosion-proof requirements if specified.

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